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Why You Need to Handle Tanker Truck Spills Correctly

Hazardous Materials Tanker Truck Spills It’s not often that tanker trucks spill, but when they do the effects can be disastrous for all involved. According to government agencies across the United States, every business that handles hazardous materials must

H2O Environmental ORSO (Oil Spill Removal Organization) Hazmat Cleanup Technology Presentation

H2O Environmental ORSO (Oil Spill Removal Organization) Presentation from H2O Environmental H2O Environmental, Inc., is a full-service emergency spill response, waste remediation, transport, industrial cleaning and disposal organization. With a commitment to continuous education and training in

H2O Environmental Offers Aid to Heroes of Las Vegas Tragedy

H2O Environmental stands with Las Vegas. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, families and community as well as those hurting nationwide. We are a company that provides hazardous waste services, pumping and transportation and

The Necessity of Quick Oil Spill Containment

Oil spills provide a nightmarish view of humanity’s environmental impact. They’re also responsible for the largest financial settlements in the Department of Justice’s history. Companies and clean-up crews need a quick response to limit the scale of oil spills

H2O Environmental Makes Participates in Annual Southwest Safety Congress

H2O Environmental participated in this year’s Southwest Safety Congress and Expo hosted by the Arizona Chapter of the National Safety Council.  Held in Mesa, AZ this event is the largest annual “must attend” event in the southwest

How to Prevent Expensive Disposal Cost or Emergency Response in the event of a Natural Disaster

  Avoid Stockpiling Sometimes companies try to save money by purchasing materials in large quantities.  Unfortunately this can backfire.  In our business we see many products being disposed of because they are outdated, unused, and/or no longer

Beware of FAKE Environmental Hazardous Waste Companies!

Read This Guide To Protect Yourself In the recent months we have encountered several companies that portray they are an environmental hazardous waste company, but in fact they are not.  They do not have any permits, insurance

A Helpful Reminder to Those That Work with Hazardous Materials

Just a reminder that the 2015 Biennial Report is due March 1, 2016. Below is a link to the U.S. EPA 2015 Hazardous Waste Report Instructions and Forms (EPA Form 8700-13 A/B), which includes a link on

Video of First Aid Training at H2O Environmental

  In the world of hazardous materials clean-up there are many unpredictable and dangerous surprises that can happen when on the job. This is why H2O Environmental makes sure that the employees who visit these dangerous clean-up

Some Hazardous Waste Terms to Remember

The world of hazardous materials and hazardous waste disposal uses many terms that can be complicated.  This is a glossary of many of the most common organizations and terms to help make sense of things. Organizations CDC: