Beware of FAKE Environmental Hazardous Waste Companies!

Read This Guide To Protect Yourself

Fake Hazmat Team

In the recent months we have encountered several companies that portray they are an environmental hazardous waste company, but in fact they are not.  They do not have any permits, insurance or other credentials that protect you the customer.

What they do is scout the internet for opportunities and work very hard to put their website ahead of everyone else’s so when you do a search for “waste management”, “hazardous waste disposal”, “remediation”, or “biohazard waste” their website will pop up first. You contact them then they reach out to a sub-contractor to get their pricing.  This is misleading, and is a risk because you the customer may not even know who will be arriving to your site or if that sub-contractor is a permitted reputable contractor.  This can lead to improper transportation, disposal or worse.

So how do you recognize whether or not the vendor you called is permitted, licensed and insured?  You should request a copy of their insurance, DOT permit, and contractor’s license (if the work requires a contractor license).  Each State has different requirements for Hazardous Waste Haulers and management of hazardous waste, so make sure you get acquainted with those requirements. You can contact your local Environmental Protection Agency or visit their website.  We would also suggest you review the vendor’s website and do some investigation.

There are a lot of good responsible hazardous waste haulers and environmental companies out there that work hard to maintain their permits, license, and insurance along with safety records and they should be the companies you should want to do business with.  They take responsibility to do the right thing and make sure to work on a viable relationship that protects all parties involved.

If you need assistance with waste management, hazardous waste disposal, remediation or biohazard waste contact a licensed professional like H2O Environmental.  We are here to help you!

Photo Credit: Lee Cannon