Can Buying Fast Food Be Like Hazardous Materials Clean Up?

I was in a fast food restaurant a few months ago when I received what I considered exceptional service.  The restaurant was very clean.  42711932_63275a104a_zI was acknowledged upon entry and my order was handled efficiently.  The cashier made eye contact and even offered me an upsell of fries to go with my cheeseburger and drink.  The order was brought to my table and I was asked if I needed any utensils or napkins.  A little while later the person cleaning the tables asked if I would like a refill of my drink as he took my empty tray and trash away.  When I exited, the employees said, “thanks and come again!”

I returned to the same restaurant a month later and the process repeated.  This time I took a moment and spoke to the manager and told him what a pleasure it was to eat at this restaurant and how I appreciated the great service.  I complimented him on his ability to get the most from his employees and that their service was a direct reflection of his ability to manage.

Even though fast food and hazardous materials cleanup are very different businesses, we are both still in the service industry.  Through proper training and superior education we at H2O Environmental instill our employees with the values and ethics that our clients will appreciate.  The hazardous clean ups that we do can be dangerous and we take our jobs very seriously.  We want our clients to expect the best service from us and to keep coming back because they understand that our employees will treat our clients with respect and complete the job safely and effectively.  So even though what we do is not a burger and fries, we do say thank you to our clients and should they ever need assistance we hope that they will call on us again.

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