H2O Environmental Offers Aid to Heroes of Las Vegas Tragedy

H2O Environmental stands with Las Vegas. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, families and community as well as those hurting nationwide. We are a company that provides hazardous waste services, pumping and transportation and

Beware of FAKE Environmental Hazardous Waste Companies!

Read This Guide To Protect Yourself In the recent months we have encountered several companies that portray they are an environmental hazardous waste company, but in fact they are not.  They do not have any permits, insurance

A Helpful Reminder to Those That Work with Hazardous Materials

Just a reminder that the 2015 Biennial Report is due March 1, 2016. Below is a link to the U.S. EPA 2015 Hazardous Waste Report Instructions and Forms (EPA Form 8700-13 A/B), which includes a link on

Some Hazardous Waste Terms to Remember

The world of hazardous materials and hazardous waste disposal uses many terms that can be complicated.  This is a glossary of many of the most common organizations and terms to help make sense of things. Organizations CDC:

Video of H2O Enviromental Pumping Sludge and Water to Clear Space for New Drainage Pipe

In this video H20 is pumping 60 feet of sludge and water into our tanker. We are performing the confined space task while a directional driller 300 yards away hits the bottom of the containment to add

Video of a Confined Space Repair of a Sand Oil Separator

  This video features a confined space entry into a sand oil separator in order to do a small repair. The air quality needed to be monitored closely before and during the repair. Sand-Oil Separators are used


What are the key words to success?  I am sure there are many but my favorite three are:  DONE, FINISHED and COMPLETE. These three words mean that you have accomplished something.  I am DONE with that safe

Can Buying Fast Food Be Like Hazardous Materials Clean Up?

I was in a fast food restaurant a few months ago when I received what I considered exceptional service.  The restaurant was very clean.  I was acknowledged upon entry and my order was handled efficiently.  The cashier made eye

The Top 7 Marginal Utilities We Provide Our Customers

The Principle of Marginal Utility tells us that we, and all people, only assess value at the “margins”, which are those parts of otherwise common or fundamental offers that are uncommon, scarce relative to demand or valuable to

Specialized industrial training by H2O Environmental, Inc

We offer 10 different proven training programs for private companies, industrial organizations, and government agencies, ranging from a comprehensive 40 Hour OSHA HAZWOPER certification training to a course on Bloodborne Pathogens. Contact us at info@envcleanup.com