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How to Prevent Expensive Disposal Cost or Emergency Response in the event of a Natural Disaster

  Avoid Stockpiling Sometimes companies try to save money by purchasing materials in large quantities.  Unfortunately this can backfire.  In our business we see many products being disposed of because they are outdated, unused, and/or no longer

Video of First Aid Training at H2O Environmental

  In the world of hazardous materials clean-up there are many unpredictable and dangerous surprises that can happen when on the job. This is why H2O Environmental makes sure that the employees who visit these dangerous clean-up

A Lesson on the Importance of Proper Hazardous Waste Management

  When Hazardous Waste Management Goes Wrong Recently in Tianjin, China there were a series of massive explosions. These explosions reminded us not only of the consequences of poor hazardous materials management, but the explosions also remind

Video of Hand Excavation Using a Zip Line

This video features an excavation that needed to be done at the bottom of a steep slope.  The excavation had to be done by hand using a zip line because of the slope’s steepness.  At H2O Environmental


At H2O Environmental we pride ourselves in our knowledge and adaptability in dealing with different types of hazardous materials spills.  In this post we thought we would share part of our process for dealing with these hazmat

How to Use pH Test Strips for Measuring Acids & Bases

  At H2O Environmental we are constantly educating ourselves about our industry, and we are also helping educate our clients.  Here is a demonstration of how to use PH test strips to determine the acidity of certain

The Importance of Hiring a Professional

I stopped by to see one of my clients when I noticed that he was working on what seemed to be a complex project that was frustrating him.  I inquired as to what he was working on

Classes on Handling HazMat Tank Car Accidents and Controlling Leaks and Spills

H2O is constantly looking for new ways to serve our clients.  From hazardous materials spill clean ups to educational classes to help other people do their jobs better. These images are from one of our classes (How

7 Fire Prevention Measures for Solvents That Could Save Your Life

Flammable solvents have many uses in business and at home.  This category of hazardous materials includes such items as: Acetone, Ethyl Acetate, Ethanol, Toluene, Methanol, Isopropanol, ETC. These materials can be dangerous if not used properly, so

Video Footage of a Hazardous Materials Clean Up

Here is some footage of H2O Environmental at work cleaning up hazardous materials. If you need help with a hazardous materials spill contact H2O Environmental