H2O Environmental ORSO (Oil Spill Removal Organization) Hazmat Cleanup Technology Presentation

H2O Environmental, Inc., is a full-service emergency spill response, waste remediation, transport, industrial cleaning and disposal organization. With a commitment to continuous education and training in the key disciplines of hazardous materials management and response.  The company has built an expertise in dealing with the entire range of operational and emergency situations for their customers.

H2O Environmental was founded by John Bradley in 1996. A veteran of the U. S. Marine Corps, John initially saw a growing need for a statewide environmental services company providing a full range of services for the state of Nevada. The company quickly expanded to two operational bases – Las Vegas and Reno – in its first few years of operation. After over a decade of developing and refining their operational practices to provide a complete range of services to their customers, H2O Environmental began opening new operational bases in 2007 with the strategy to cover the geographic area in the heart of the Western United States that now comprises its service territory.  Today, H2O Environmental consists of 5 Offices

  • Boise, Idaho
  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Reno, Nevada
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Phoenix, AZ



H2O Environmental has held an OSRO (Oil Spill Removal Organization) Classification since December 4, 2002.  H2O Environmental’s ORSO Services include:

  • Consultants- A solutions company for oil spills on rivers, streams, and lakes.
  • Facility Response Plan (FRP) Review
  • Government Initiated Unannounced Exercises (GIUE) Preparation
  • Training Tracking
  • Facilitating Table Top Exercises

Along with ORSO Classification and many other certifications, H2O Environmental also makes sure to always remain on the cutting edge of the latest Hazardous Waste Cleanup technology.  This ability allows H2O Environmental to continue to offer unique and valuable services.

Among the technologies that H2O has invested in are:


Boom Vane

The Boom Vane combines the science of sailing and the art of flying a kite, all powered by the water’s current. The Boom Vane allows H2O Environmental Crews to deploy booms in large rivers such as the Snake River, Green River, Colorado River, and Columbia River with an 8-man team and with its own extreme shallow water boat.  The Boom Vane can be launched from shore when currents are suitable.  H2O Environmental’ s strategy calls for using multiple boom vanes to stop the downward progression of oil on large rivers.

The new H2O Environmental boom deployment strategy allows crews to:

  • Be smaller in size – Less personnel on the water
  • Deploy booms quicker than ever before
  • Improve water safety

This is all useful to deploying booms effectively and safely to save customers millions of dollars in environmental damages in real-time events.

It does not take long to run scenarios with water intakes, endangered species, or protected wetlands to understand why time and effective boom deployment strategies are so important. One must stop the downward migration of oil and establish a clean zone to reduce costs.

Additionally, H2O Environmental also helps their customers pass regular exercises and Government Initiated Unannounced Exercises (GIUE) by deploying an effective hard boom with their crews.  This saves time, energy and money for facilities and pipelines.  No crew is too small to be effective and pass exercises.

NEO all Weather Drone by Acecore

H2O Environmental NEO Drone

The NEO all weather drone is a prime example of advanced technology being diversified for use in the field of hazardous waste cleanup.  Some of the capabilities of the NEO Drone are its Thermal Camera and ability to determine shoreline cleanup assessment techniques (SCAT). The thermal camera allows H2O Environmental to make assessments about the leading edge of oil in spill situations and helps with wildlife surveys.  The NEO provides environmental due diligence, litigation support and 20 pounds lifting capability (1000 feet of polypropylene rope).  It takes cameras where people can’t go and can create 3D Models of areas all with a 30-min flight time.  The drone deployment software that allows ground control points (GCP) use and can document sites and identify hazards.  The NEO has bad weather capability (Rain, 45 MPH Wind, Snow, Cold Weather, Heat).  Through transmission of data to mobile screens in the field the NEO can get more experts a real-time view.  The NEO also features Volume Mapping and Measurements and a Zoom camera (18X Camera).

The NEO quickly captures data that shows the environment prior to environmental impact.  This helps reduce costs at the end of the spill cleanup and allows H2O Environmental to quickly track progress so that they can make grounded assessments about deploying booms closer to the oil spill release which can save clients millions of dollars by moving upriver from the other boom sites.

Winch Technology

Winch Technology (1,000 lbs. of pull) allows H2O Environmental to reduce the size of its crew and with multiple batteries in use the winch can operate for long periods.  It is also lightweight and portable.

Kingfisher Extreme Shallow Water Jet Boat

The 23-foot jet boat can operate in just 4 inches of water and it will start in 8 inches of water.  It has a winch onboard that attaches to either the front or rear of the boat allowing the boat to assume almost any configuration necessary for a job.  The winch is also used in boom deployment strategies.  The Kingfisher can cross ropes and even hard booms when deployed giving it unique capabilities for time savings.

Watergate Underflow Dam

The Watergate Underflow Dam allows H2O Crews to set up underflow dams quickly and efficiently to stop oil from passing downstream.  These dams are used to create collection strategies in rivers and streams that are too shallow to float a hard boom.  The dams can expand to meet any need or depth and can create enough water to float skimmers so more product can be recovered.

General Training

Along with the latest in hazardous waste cleanup technology H2O Environmental invests heavily in training of its team.  H2O Environmental cannot stress the importance of the RIGHT equipment and training.

Here are just some of the training that H2O Environmental has expertise in:

  • Hazwoper Training (8 Hr, 24 Hr, and 40 hr)
  • Boom Deployment Training
  • Boom Vane Strategies
  • QI and Spill Management Training
  • Drone Response Awareness Training
  • Design and Build Response Trailers to specific customer needs
  • Boating Operations and Safety Training

H2O Environmental is a Full-Service Environmental Company providing the following and more:

  • Vacuum Truck Services
  • Roll Off Services
  • Waste Management and Consulting Service
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Hydro-blasting Service
  • Drone Service
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Confined space Rescue
  • Transportation Services
  • Emergency Response
  • BIO Response
  • Training
  • RCRA
  • DOT
  • OSRO
  • Waste Reduction
  • OSRO Services


H2O Environmental also has a large network of helping partnerships available for their clients.  The H2O Network of highly skilled Partners can help mitigate all risks during a spill.

Some of the risk management H2O Environmental offers with its Partners:

  • Emergency Response Environmental Compliance Environmental Data Management
  • Environmental Sampling
  • Health & Safety Training Industrial Hygiene
  • Occupational Health
  • Odor Investigation
  • Response Management
  • Risk Assessment
  • Toxicology
  • Vapor Intrusion
  • Tribal Concerns
  • Engineering
  • Water Rights
  • Underwater Drones for Assessment

In the event of a hazardous waste spill, guidance for cleanup strategies or the testing of various cleanup scenarios consult with only a trusted expert like H2O Environmental.