H2O Environmental Working with Bureau of Land Management to Keep Idaho Safe from Hazardous Waste

H2O Environmental was contracted by the Bureau of Land Management (Twin Falls, ID district) to properly package, transport and dispose of a potential Hazardous Waste Clean Uphazardous waste.  They informed H2O Environmental that one of their law enforcement officers had found an illegal dump site with what looked like a hazardous material.

After doing some investigation on the waste The Bureau did in fact decide the dump site was potentially hazardous to the public.  H2O Environmental mobilized from their Boise base to remove the waste.  Upon arrival, the H2O Environmental technician donned the proper personal protection equipment and put the waste into proper shipping containers.  The waste was transported back to Boise for further characterization.  Once the waste is properly characterized through analytical and background research it will be disposed of in accordance with local, state and federal regulations.

If you are aware of illegal hazardous waste dump sites be sure to contact the proper authorities

More images of the illegal hazardous dump site

IMG_20150213_113354368  IMG_20150213_113344302  IMG_20150213_103725856