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At H2O Environmental we pride ourselves in our knowledge and adaptability in dealing with different types of hazardous materials spills.  In this post we thought we would share part of our process for dealing with these hazmat spills.

Once we have a fully trained response team with proper training and certifications, we must have the right tools to handle many different types of emergency responses.  We have emergency response vehicles stocked with most supplies for the most common releases such as diesel, oil, antifreeze as well as less common acid and caustic releases.

We have our emergency response phones manned 24 hours a day seven days a week by trained staff who can ask the right questions so our team shows up with the right supplies.  Once we know The Who, What, Where, When, Why and How we dispatch a team.  Depending on time of day, resources available and supplies needed we can leave our base within 10 minutes to 1 hour.

Once we arrive on-site, we will meet with any representatives already on-site and get any pertinent information.  We will then do a site assessment and prepare a work plan based on all acquired information from shipping papers, placards, field testing, air monitoring, generator knowledge or any other source of information available.  We will take initial photos and have a tailgate safety meeting to discuss any potential hazards and proper PPE.

After our safety meeting, we mitigate the cause of the release and clean up any spilled material using our work plan.  We properly package any product or waste.  We will take pictures of the cause of the release such as a shifted load, hole in the drum, punctured saddle tank or any other cause that we can find.  We take pictures of our cleanup efforts and will take final photos once the project is complete.

Once we are released from the site, we return to our shop and unload/reload our trucks so we are ready for the next ER.  The project manager then downloads pictures, types up an ER job log that lists all of our activities and orders and manifests if needed.  We then create an invoice and e-mail or mail a complete packet including our invoice, pictures and ER job log.

With proper training, knowledge, resources and supplies, we handle emergency responses each and every day within the strict guidelines of our industry.  If the work you do has the potential for hazardous waste spills, keep our website (H2O Environmental) and our number (866 – H2O – SPILL) handy so you don’t need to go searching.