person-598191_1280What are the key words to success?  I am sure there are many but my favorite three are:  DONE, FINISHED and COMPLETE.

These three words mean that you have accomplished something.  I am DONE with that safe dig or a hazardous materials clean up.  I have FINISHED my paperwork.  That project is COMPLETE.  Once something is COMPLETE, you feel a sense of accomplishment and in some cases a huge stress is relieved from your shoulders.  Of course there is always the next task or project but by COMPLETING the prior one, you have gained confidence and experience that helps you tackle the next one.

When you say these three words, your supervisor, clients and coworkers will be excited as you are building trust and confidence with them as well.  They have given you a task or project and you can state that you are DONE, FINISHED and COMPLETE.

Stop worrying about that next task or project and just get it started so you can use these words as often as possible.  If you do then you are on your way to success because you are gaining confidence, experience and trust.

At H2O Environmental, Inc. we are committed to operational excellence and extraordinary care through accumulating and sharing superior knowledge and expertise producing highly-valued accomplishments and trust.  We have DONE, FINISHED and COMPLETED thousands of projects to accomplish this and strive each and every day to this commitment.

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